diz page are not related t0 any0ne or anybody. but..if any,,maybe it juz a coincidence..PeaceNoWar~

.nobody perfect~.

a quote to be agree or argue. but im done talking bout diz. every0ne want d best in their life. and s0 am i. we cannot satisfy others feeling without consideration of ourselves. jz give a short thinking bout this.we or definitely u cant force other to agree with u all the time. we r part of colony in diz universe. n0 0ne can survive with0ut others. so i begged u dont ever being selfish and hypocrite. dats so pathetic. i try t0 be a cool pers0n diz n0wdays. not to touchg2 everyday. try to understand people around. but i cant bear it if u cant to the same thing` ohh plzz~ we jz human being created by Him.

.......every0ne done mistakes. d0 sumthing without thinking wisely. but we can fix it by see the other's side of ourselves.peopLe ar0und us.

are we dat "perfect" one ?. is our attitude dat caused others unhappy or sad ?

so.. plz be PATIENT.

. im not Dat PerfEct0 person~ s0 kam0 ad teraSE ati same sYe..sorrY Lol~

cZ im trying 2 impr0VE maSElf..inSyAllaH,,amin~

0 c0MmEnt0e~: