diz page are not related t0 any0ne or anybody. but..if any,,maybe it juz a coincidence..PeaceNoWar~

januaRy or september?

kind of some applcti0n on fb..quite interesting,

step:- .answer some question regarding my burfday [ 3rdjan88]
result: lil bit impressive


but im AGrEeD bcoZ 93% were absoluteLy CORRECT~

Suave and compromising. => ley r,,ceh~

Careful, cautious and organized. => like 2 plan wat 2 do next

Likes to point out people's mistakes. => pe'el nh sgt xeLok..tp slalu gle wat~ jgn kcik ati ek kwn2 ku!

Likes to criticize. => lg 1 mende xelok yg dijadikkn habit!uissh3x~

Stubborn. => sangat!!!xske owg arah2kn nh,,

Quiet but able to talk well. => agak r,,trY 2 improve myseLf!

Calm and cool. => like diZ aLots!!!cool oWEz beb!!!

Kind and sympathetic. => hehehe..kind of melted person lorh~

Concerned and detailed. => goSSip3 ke~ahakz

Loyal but not always honest. => tol la kot..depenDs gk r..menipu utK kebaekan kdg3

Does work well. => ermmmmm~

Very confident. => olWez tlebey adelaah!!its not gud!! t cekgu r0s marah~

Sensitive. => ley thn2,,tp slalu nye try 2 denied it! ouchh!

Thinking generous. => hahahah,,u describe it!

Good memory. => hopesFully it true during xam. but im quite gud in memorizing others name..full name actually..muke mmg xigt,,sume owg.. name dak2 skolah rendah stil igt ta0,,h0h0~

Clever and knowledgeable. => hopEs HIM didnt tAke it back 4rm me~

Loves to look for information. => haha,,tol2..tenet,,papEr,,genaral kn0wledge tuhh~

Must control oneself when criticizing. => ermm,no comment!

Able to motivate oneself. => ......

Understanding => kdG2 lampi cket

Fun to be around. => the more the merrier!!

Secretive => kind of~ private lorh

. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. => yeah!

Hardly shows emotions. => pretend t0 be cool kunun~

Tends to bottle up feelings. => erkk~

Very choosy, especially in relationships. => maybE kot,,but xElok memilih sgt,,

Systematic. => yuP..knE systematic,,baru la idop terator!!!

3 c0MmEnt0e~

[ my NEw fliPfLop~]

...todaY 21st feB 09. we'Re haNg out aT cS,,not c0unter sTrike,,buT city SQuaRe jB.
jZ winDOw shopPinG, beSIde 2 reLeaSe tenSIon AFtEr d0ne TaKing tripLLe teSt 1,,
numEric.e2.techn0 aka eTecH.

alS0 ceLEbraTed jeRq's burfday. EPy Burfday jeJerq!

theN i f0unD such variouS typE of fLip Flop at innEr city..here we go~

0 c0MmEnt0e~

.nobody perfect~.

a quote to be agree or argue. but im done talking bout diz. every0ne want d best in their life. and s0 am i. we cannot satisfy others feeling without consideration of ourselves. jz give a short thinking bout this.we or definitely u cant force other to agree with u all the time. we r part of colony in diz universe. n0 0ne can survive with0ut others. so i begged u dont ever being selfish and hypocrite. dats so pathetic. i try t0 be a cool pers0n diz n0wdays. not to touchg2 everyday. try to understand people around. but i cant bear it if u cant to the same thing` ohh plzz~ we jz human being created by Him.

.......every0ne done mistakes. d0 sumthing without thinking wisely. but we can fix it by see the other's side of ourselves.peopLe ar0und us.

are we dat "perfect" one ?. is our attitude dat caused others unhappy or sad ?

so.. plz be PATIENT.

. im not Dat PerfEct0 person~ s0 kam0 ad teraSE ati same sYe..sorrY Lol~

cZ im trying 2 impr0VE maSElf..inSyAllaH,,amin~

0 c0MmEnt0e~

::::: laMpaRDoE::::::

[ fraNk LAmpaRd ]

evErythin' 'b0ut him....

Name: Frank James Lampard

Club: Chelsea FC (Eng)

Shirt Number: 8

Position: Attacking central midfielder

Nationality: England

Date of Birth: 20/06/1978

Place of Birth: Romford, Essex, England

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 75 kg


Date Signed: 14/06/2001

Contract Expiry: 06/2009

Player Transfers

Date From Club To Club Fee

14/06/2001 West Ham United (Eng) Chelsea (Eng) £11m
06/10/1995 West Ham United (Eng) Swansea City (Wal/Eng) Loan
01/07/1995 Youth West Ham United (Eng) Free

2 c0MmEnt0e~

meRsinc ,,neVer beeN 4goTTen~

,,,2nd may 2001 masok cni,,xCEly sepatotnye p tmpt len,,tp disEbabkn itu tmpt stiL unDer

coNstruCtion,,so kte0wg masok r cni,, sGt magnificient kowt klo nk describe,,wlopn sgT jaoh pjalann buT xkesah r kn..then
kne kuA 15th maR 2002..wLopn kjP dok cni buT gVe me 1001 mEmoriES,,ceh~


[ tyme Last mKn ngN bLuved hMeroom tCEr~]

kfc mersing~

ak suke giler pluto!!!

ngn cekgu science,,cekgu khairol(if x silap)

kteoWg ngn MiSS inA

tyme nih actLy cekgu homeroom kte0wg da 2ka,, tp unavailaBLe lak ari 2,,nWay thaNX 2 her!

ngn cekgu ge0..if im not mistaken mS rozilah kowt,,kowt..ngeh3

kat tmpt lepak besh tyme riadah,,
location: p0ndok pak guard


byK yg ley describe psl mersinc neh,,walopn tyme kteowg dlu traffic light pon enggak ade,,

mmg aGak pndaLamn cket,,but seb beK ad gak kFc,,len tadaa,,hohoho

environment mmG gLe lawa r,,xley calEn yg Kt separap tuh,,oppps~

tp 2 r.. kjp jek kt sanE..mmg xpuas ,,sgttt

so.. klo mnusie3 kt separap d0k tnY pe la besh nye mersinc..kne sndiri tgK r br
tao..klo Setakat kte0wg nk ExPlen mMg taRak paham nyE,,nwaY mmG agk nyesal cket pndah ..waaaaaaaa~ hahaha

:::::::::; i wisH 2 coMe 2 jLn Jemaluang again~hopesFuLLy::INSyALLah] ::::::::::

1 c0MmEnt0e~