diz page are not related t0 any0ne or anybody. but..if any,,maybe it juz a coincidence..PeaceNoWar~

januaRy or september?

kind of some applcti0n on fb..quite interesting,

step:- .answer some question regarding my burfday [ 3rdjan88]
result: lil bit impressive


but im AGrEeD bcoZ 93% were absoluteLy CORRECT~

Suave and compromising. => ley r,,ceh~

Careful, cautious and organized. => like 2 plan wat 2 do next

Likes to point out people's mistakes. => pe'el nh sgt xeLok..tp slalu gle wat~ jgn kcik ati ek kwn2 ku!

Likes to criticize. => lg 1 mende xelok yg dijadikkn habit!uissh3x~

Stubborn. => sangat!!!xske owg arah2kn nh,,

Quiet but able to talk well. => agak r,,trY 2 improve myseLf!

Calm and cool. => like diZ aLots!!!cool oWEz beb!!!

Kind and sympathetic. => hehehe..kind of melted person lorh~

Concerned and detailed. => goSSip3 ke~ahakz

Loyal but not always honest. => tol la kot..depenDs gk r..menipu utK kebaekan kdg3

Does work well. => ermmmmm~

Very confident. => olWez tlebey adelaah!!its not gud!! t cekgu r0s marah~

Sensitive. => ley thn2,,tp slalu nye try 2 denied it! ouchh!

Thinking generous. => hahahah,,u describe it!

Good memory. => hopesFully it true during xam. but im quite gud in memorizing others name..full name actually..muke mmg xigt,,sume owg.. name dak2 skolah rendah stil igt ta0,,h0h0~

Clever and knowledgeable. => hopEs HIM didnt tAke it back 4rm me~

Loves to look for information. => haha,,tol2..tenet,,papEr,,genaral kn0wledge tuhh~

Must control oneself when criticizing. => ermm,no comment!

Able to motivate oneself. => ......

Understanding => kdG2 lampi cket

Fun to be around. => the more the merrier!!

Secretive => kind of~ private lorh

. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. => yeah!

Hardly shows emotions. => pretend t0 be cool kunun~

Tends to bottle up feelings. => erkk~

Very choosy, especially in relationships. => maybE kot,,but xElok memilih sgt,,

Systematic. => yuP..knE systematic,,baru la idop terator!!!

3 c0MmEnt0e~:

indiemusic88 said...

cayok2......nnt mesti lawa nyer blog neh......gambatte!!!

LoLLipoP~ said...

tP kL0 ad Y baEk Ati ntok tuLun\
lg besH


indiemusic88 said...

kan da ok skg ne.....hahaa....chayok....thanks for becoming our supporting crew....keep it up....cheers!!!