diz page are not related t0 any0ne or anybody. but..if any,,maybe it juz a coincidence..PeaceNoWar~

a d d i c t e d..

juz wanna 2 shared about a sh0w dat i'd addicted  damn much,,.n0t msian pr0duct,,but made in korea,,yeahhh!terbaek r..

its f a m i l y   o u t i n g..one 0f most p0pular variety show in k0rea,,actly diz is the 2nd reality show of k0rea dat i l0ve t0 waste my time by watching them..1st one was we got married,,best gk r..
but F0 is d best s0 far,,

m0re detailed at family outing ..n can d0wnload it fr0m RaMEN SouP..it really really really awesome!

0 c0MmEnt0e~: