diz page are not related t0 any0ne or anybody. but..if any,,maybe it juz a coincidence..PeaceNoWar~

j0m belajau !


juz a lil bit interested 'bout 0ne things in which it shud be discuzed long time ag0. 
h e h e h e..excely its not dat sumthg really crucial or p e n t i n g   s a n g a t   l a a...but for certain pe0ple or certain reason.. i will  vote for  Y E S !!!!!! 

s0? wat r the thing dat i m e r e p e k  here...well its 'bout mende ini .. seb bek ley terpikir psl mende ni.huhuhu..ssh kot especially manusie2 cm gue yg ad clazmte foreigner..made in somalia n dubai..hihihi..mmg le kesah yg xbape nk kesah if lec talked in english..but bab paham memaham ssh kot..mmg diowg2 kne belajau bm kot..kang nk kite0wg nk ckp tros tergagapgagap nk speaking..hahahahha
bese le..dak2 yg stdy oversea kne pe belajau dulu kn languange2 diowg cm  jepon korea china,,pe ntah lg,,india je xkot..coz diowg nih stdy all in english..tp bab nk paham pe ssh sket kot ..terbelit2 lidah ~

w a s s a l a m..

0 c0MmEnt0e~: